[Beowulf] picking out a job scheduler

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Jan 4 03:16:07 PST 2007

Am 03.01.2007 um 23:50 schrieb Chris Samuel:

> On Wednesday 03 January 2007 23:01, Reuti wrote:
>> - Do you need support for Tight Integrated Linda (I think this will
>> most often mean Gaussian) (and PVM) parallel jobs: use SGE
> Interesting, why so ?   I know a number of sites around Australia  
> (including a
> 1900+ CPU cluster) run Gaussian using PBS (I don't know how much  
> pain, if
> any, they went through for that but my understanding is that  
> anything else
> that involves Gaussian involves pain and many dead chickens).

Linda and PVM* need some kind of rsh/ssh between the nodes, and I  
didn't get a clue up to now to convince Linda to use the PBS TM of  
Torque. As you mentioned in your other post about keeping control of  
MPI processes, the similar thing to TM is the qrsh command in SGE,  
which will replace rsh/ssh and SGE is controlling this way these  
spawned processes on the nodes. I'm also always looking in a cluster  
setup, without any common rsh/ssh between the nodes at all, where  
users could by accident start processes out of control of the queuing  
system on the nodes.

-- Reuti

* I'm aware, that PVM can be started interactively without any rsh/ 
ssh between the nodes, by supplying some strings to the daemons and  
its response back to the startup process.

> My memory is that the one time I've had to set up a PVM dependant  
> application
> (TGICL) it wasn't particularly hard to get going.  Mind you PVM  
> seems pretty
> dead, TGICL was the only application we've ever had requested that  
> needed it
> and that was a couple of years ago and was only for a couple of  
> weeks work.
> cheers!
> Chris
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