[Beowulf] picking out a job scheduler

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Wed Jan 3 04:01:26 PST 2007


Am 03.01.2007 um 02:23 schrieb Chris Samuel:

> On Wednesday 03 January 2007 08:06, Chris Dagdigian wrote:
>> Both should be fine although if you are considering *PBS you should
>> look at both Torque (a fork of OpenPBS I think)

although I'm somehow biased to suggest SGE, I also check from time to  
time the Torque mailing list.

> That's correct, it (and ANU-PBS, another fork) seem to be the  
> defacto queuing
> systems in the state and national HPC centers down here.

Whether any queuing system is a standard might not matter. More  
important for chosing one, may be the technical points. To compare  
SGE and Torque e.g.:

- Do you need support for Tight Integrated Linda (I think this will  
most often mean Gaussian) (and PVM) parallel jobs: use SGE

- Do you have some special nodes inside your cluster, and you need to  
specify your resource requests for a parallel job (i.e. combination  
of different types of machines you need for it) in a fine granulated  
manner: use Torque

It's of course impossible to know already in advance a) the needs of  
all the applications, and b) all the features of the queuingsystems,  
if you just start to look into queuing systems.

And I must admit: some years ago I was also shocked by the many pages  
of the manuals of the queuing systems - we only wanted to submit some  
jobs at that point in time. Nowadays I see many possible  
enhancements, which would make the manuals even thicker.

-- Reuti

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