[Beowulf] picking out a job scheduler

David Simas dsimas at imageworks.com
Tue Jan 2 16:03:51 PST 2007

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 06:44:50PM -0500, Robert G. Brown wrote:
> One of the bitches that I and many others have about all of the
> alternatives is that they are too damn complicated.  Many sites -- I
> won't say most but many -- have very, very simple needs for a
> scheduler/queuing system.  Needs that could be met without requiring the
> admin to read a 1000 page manual, join a mailing list, work through a
> really complicated build, and try to figure out several distinct
> security models and policy models.  What is really needed is a fully
> open source "scheduler lite" that pretty much sets up a simple queue for
> a simple list of machines with a simple cron-like policy statement,
> maybe all defined with an XMLish config file that permitted classes of
> machines (like a bunch that belong to user A) to share a policy.

Ruby Queue?




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