[Beowulf] DMA Memory Mapping Question

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Wed Feb 21 19:16:50 PST 2007

On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Scott Atchley wrote:

Hello Scott!

> Isn't this in hex? If so, it would be 4096 bytes. I do not use GM  
> much and I do not know what this is. I just loaded GM on one node and  
> with no GM processes running except the mapper, I have a similar  
> entry (at a different address, but also 0x1000). I would guess this  
> is to allow GM and the mapper to communicate. I will check internally.

Mea culpa, that is hex. So yes, it probably is just that.

> I am sorry you have not had success with MPICH-GM to compile dynamic  
> libs.

It was just an issue with libtool not knowing how to handle that compiler/OS 
combination really, I've got a feeling that newer releases handle it (or at 
least we may have fixed it internally) but that was fairly recent and so we 
have to live with the reality that there's a bunch of codes now that are 
statically linked.

At least now we have an idea about why it is going wrong (see previous posting 
about the missing environment variable.

> Have you sent email to Myricom help?

We have in the past, but GM is now just in bug fix mode rather than new 
features so the extra code to track memory allocations doesn't really figure 
in their plans (and I can't say I blame them!).

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