[Beowulf] anyone using 10gbaseT?

Craig Tierney ctierney at hypermall.net
Wed Feb 21 16:23:53 PST 2007

Chris Samuel wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Thomas H Dr Pierce wrote:
>> I have been using the MYRICOM 10Gb card in my NFS server (head node)  for
>> the Beowulf cluster. And it works well.  I have a inexpensive 3Com switch
>> (3870) with 48 1Gb ports   that has a 10Gb port in it and I connect the NFS
>> server to that port. The switch does have small fans in it.
> Very interesting,  would you mind saying (roughly) how much the card and the 
> switch cost ? 

The list price of a Myrinet-10G card with a CX4 port is $695 (From 

The cable will run you about $100 (depending on source and length).

I found a price for the 48-port 3Com 3870 with 10GBASE-X module
and CX4 transceiver for about $4800 (www.costcentral.com).  The
switch says it is layer-3 capable, but I don't see if that is
a part of the 10BASE-X module or a separate cost.

I didn't think it was that cheap.  I would prefer Layer 3 if
this was going into a rack of a multi-rack system, but the
price is right.


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