[Beowulf] Re: failure trends in a large disk drive population

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Wed Feb 21 07:06:17 PST 2007

Mark Hahn wrote:
>>   Not sure the vapor pressure of the perfluoroethers that they use as 
>> lubricants
>>   varies that much over the operating temperature regime of a disk 
>> drive.
> on the other hand, do these lubricants tend to get sticky or something
> at lowish temperatures?  the google results showed significantly greater
> failures in young drives at low temperatures.  (as well as extreme-temp
> drives when at end-of-life.)
Hey Mark,

Good question.  The properties of perfluoropolyethers (Krytox, Fomblin, 
must be well-known, but the Googling I did yielded only a single 
reference on
point which I did not want to pay for.  The ambient temperature range in 
the study
is pretty small which would limit viscosity variation, but when the head 
at a long unread location on a cooler disk maybe there are some shear 

Any disk drive vendors read this list and care to comment?



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