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John Miguel jmiguel at hpcc-usa.org
Thu Feb 1 08:36:50 PST 2007

The National High Performance Computing and Communications Council will 
hold its 21st annual Computing and Information Technology conference 
April 3-5, 2007 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Spa in Newport, RI.

Over the years, this high level conference has become known for its 
content, prominent speakers and networking, not commercial glitter and 
The Council was established pursuant to the authority of and in 
accordance with the desires of the President of the United States as 
expressed in a White House memorandum to the heads of Departments and 
Agencies, dated 28 June 1966, and in the instructions of the 89th 
Congress as expressed in the summary of H.R. 4845.

Its mission is education and training in computer and information 
technology for the public sector.
The audience consists of Government, Industry and University CIOs, 
CTOs, CEOs, Technology and Business decision makers, IT and IRM 
Directors, System Managers, Department Heads, Computer Scientists, 
Computer Security Officers.
Attendance is limited to 200 and all attendees receive the Government 
hotel room rate.

Sample conference evaluation : "Hotel Awesome, Speakers Outstanding, 
Chocolate Fondue ...  Priceless."
Conference information is available at: WWW.HPCC-USA.ORG, or by phone 
at 401-624-1732.

John Miguel Ph. D.
National HPCC Council
Tentative Program for HPCC’07					January 1, 2007

HPCC’07			WWW.HPCC-USA.ORG		401-624-1723
April 3-5, 2007
Hyatt Hotel and Resort
Newport, RI

Theme: “Supercomputing: Innovation, Imagination and Application”

Tuesday April 3, 2007
			Chairman: Steve Louis, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

	9:00 	Dr. Stephen R. Wheat
			Executive Director
			HPC Platform Organization, Intel Corporation

	9:45		Dr. William Harrod (invited)
			High Productivity Program Office
			Defense Research Projects Agency
			“High Productivity Computing Program”

	10:30	AM Break

	11:00	Dr. Douglas B. Kothe
			Oak Ridge National Laboratory

	11:45	Dr. Andrew B. White Jr.
			Deputy Associate Director, Theory, Simulation and Computing
			Los Alamos National Laboratory
			“Project Road Runner: Petaflop Computing”

	12:30	Lunch

  	2:00		Dr. Daniel E. Atkins
			Director, Office of Cyberinfrastructure,
			National Science Foundation

	 2:45	Dr. Kelvin K. Droegemeier (invited)
			Associate Vice President for Research
			University of Oklahoma
	 3:30	PM Break

	 4:00	Panel Discussion
			“Supercomputing: An Over the Horizon View”
			Dr. Kelley B. Gaither, Moderator
			Associate Director, TACC, University of Texas
				Dr. Jose Munoz, NSF
				Dr. Douglass E. Post, DOD HPC Modernization Office
				Dr. Karl Schulz, TACC, UTexas
				Dr. Walter Brooks, NASA
				Dr. Robert Graybill, USC, ISI
	 5:30	Networking Reception

	 7:00	Birds of a Feather Break Out Sessions
Wednesday April 4, 2007

			Chairman: Stephen Schneller, NUWC/DOD HPC MOD Office

  9:00	Debra Goldfarb
		 CEO, Tabor Communications		
  9:45	“Tools For Debugging Multicore Applications”
		Chris Gottbrath, Product Manage
		Etnus, LLC
10:30	AM Break

11:00	Dr. Georges E. Karniadakis
		Brown University
		“HPC in Medicine: The Computational Man”

11:45	Dr. John E. West
		Director, HPC Major Shared Resource Center
		U. S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
12:30	Lunch

  2:00	Dr. Charles Romine (invited)
		Director, National Coordination Office, Networking, IT R&D
		“National Plans, Programs and Initiatives”

  2:45	Microsoft
		“Scaling Out Excel on Windows CCS Clusters”		
3:30		PM Break

4:00		Panel Discussion
		 “Future Requirements for Storage and Backup”
				Dr. Robert Chadduck, National Archives & Records Administration
				Dr. Robert Ross, Argonne National Laboratory
				Ellen M. Salmon, NASA
				John L. Cole, Army Research Laboratory
				Lee West, Sandia National Laboratory
				Joshua Lubell, National Institute of Standards and Technology
	 6:30	Reception and Dinner
Thursday April 5, 2007

	 8:30 	 Complimentary Full Breakfast

	 9:00	Director Data Center Technology
			American Power Conversion
			“21st Century Data Center Design”

	10:30	High-End Computing Market Trends
			Dan Little, CTO
			High-End Computing Market Services

	11:00	Conference Close
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