[Beowulf] massive parallel processing application required

Mitchell Wisidagamage 06002352 at brookes.ac.uk
Thu Feb 1 04:04:59 PST 2007

>> Now I'm not sure what to do with these data sets. I should program my 
>> own application. But how should I be processing them?...without the 
>> algorithms for processing I'm lost.  :o)
> http://www.ocean-systems.com/VOSS.htm
> www.weather.navy.mil/paoweb/starsams.ppt 
> <http://www.weather.navy.mil/paoweb/starsams.ppt>
> http://realdistance.com/
I'll need some time to digest these models. Hope it's not to 
complicated. Thank you every for taking time to help me. or Cheers
as everyone here call it.

Wow lots of people with scientific backgrounds on here. I thought this 
was geeky mailing list with programmers trying to solve cluster problems.

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