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Maxence Dunnewind maxenced at gmail.com
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i would do a "packaging farm" because i know some people who packages some
big app, and the building time is about 20 hours :/
So, do you think there really is no solution for parrallel works over
Internet ?
(Maybe just with some computer with a big connection over Internet ...)


2006/9/30, Eric W. Biederman <ebiederm at xmission.com>:
> "Maxence Dunnewind" <maxenced at gmail.com> writes:
> > HI,
> > i'm working on  a way for split Debian/Ubuntu packaging process throught
> > internet.
> > I'm looking for the best solution does beowulf can do it ?
> Package building is essentially an embarrassingly parallel problem.
> You communicate at startup the package source that needs to be built.
> You communicate when you are done the binary package that was built.
> There doesn't need to be any intermediate communication that is
> frequently seen on beowulf clusters.  Plus until you get to grid
> computing beowulf cluster nodes don't communicate over the internet
> (the latency and bandwith both hinder the application).  So your best
> solution is likely something closer to the seti at home model.
> However I have a problem seeing multiple random machines distributed
> over the internet providing you much value either as the big problem
> with a distribution like debian is the plethora of architecture it
> supports.  So the seti at home model doesn't quite work for you either.
> The simplest method is probably to have each maintainer build their
> own binary packages, that is the least possible complication and
> likely the best feedback for fixing problems.
> For a compile farm beyond that you probably still want something like
> work requests submitted by the package maintainers, being picked up by
> volunteer machines that can perform them.  With some signatures thrown
> in some things don't get wildly out of wack.
> Trust would seem to be your big problem in this instance.
> Eric

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