[Beowulf] commercial clusters

Keith D. Underwood kdunder at sandia.gov
Fri Sep 29 10:17:00 PDT 2006

> Or you are going to claim that universities and government buys a
> 12288
> processor system because they NEED it?
> Comeon, they spend that 50 million euro because they CAN afford
> spending 50
> million euro and
> then have a look what they can get it and whether they can end up high
> in
> the sporthall top500.

I don't know about people spending 50 million euro, but people spending
the equivalent in dollars do so because they NEED it.  The government
here doesn't just toss money out to get on the top500 list.  Major
machines in the US are typically oversubscribed, and often heavily so.  


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