[Beowulf] Looking for external RAID vendors

Mike Davis jmdavis1 at vcu.edu
Thu Sep 28 21:17:43 PDT 2006

cousins at razzo.umeoce.maine.edu wrote:

>We looked at Apple, Excel Meridian, Nexsan and Partners Data SurfRAID.  
>We ended up with the Partners Data SurfRAID and have been very happy with
>them.  RAID6, true Web management interface (as opposed to having to go
>through an attached machine) and you can treat it as one array as opposed
>to the Apple which is (or was) segmented into two arrays. They have been
>simple to use and we've had no unexpected down time with any of them.  We
>have two with 400GB Hitachi drives and one with 750GB Seagate drives.  
>Partners Data is very easy to work with and they have very good prices.

Partner's does put out some good stuff. I have dealt with Robert since 
1995 and Michael since he got there in 1997 or 1998. I'm not sure why I 
didn't mention them earlier.

They once came through for me in a crisis by putting a part for a 
machine that was out of warranty and support on a plane so that I could 
make same day repairs. Robert and Michael and the rest of the company 
are really good people.

Mike Davis

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