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> Hi,
> We are currently deploying Tyan S2882 Dual Opteron Boards, and we
> found the system to be quite unstable. After BIOS updates and kernel
> changes we still get random kernel panics when under load.
> Anyone has these boards and has found any solution, as I have mailed
> other users of this board  who also reported random kernel panics
> an unusual number of hardware problems.
> So far we have solved the
> - broken BIOS problem with an update to the most recent BIOS.
> - Discovered that some power supplies can produce problems
> http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2608
> - FS corruption due to a firmeware problem in a RAID hardware board
> - MCE chipkill errors (non-fatal) due to apparent bad RAM
> To be solved:
> - random kernel panics that take out the logging even when all debug
> flags are set in the kernel, as it fails to sync the disc during the
> kernel panic.

We have built many systems based on the Tyan S2882 and S2882-D.

The most common causes of kernel panics are either old drivers or bad

Replace the memory DIMMs one at a time with known good memory that is
on Tyan's
Qualified Vendor List (QVL). If you could share the make and model of
all the
parts in the bad system along with the kernel version and distro
version this
would help to track down any known software O/S issues.

If you want to pursue this off the list you can email me directly.


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