[Beowulf] MPI list of free nodes

Dierks Michel m.dierks at skynet.be
Tue Sep 19 11:26:40 PDT 2006


I'm actually busy to develop an application to calculate the Mandelbrot
I'm using a Beowulf cluster of three nodes and a master.
I use MPICH as communication library.

In my application, I send one line of the complex plan to one node.
Before that I must know which node are free to work.

My question is: how must I handled the list of the free node?

Must I each time that I will send a job to a node send a broadcast
message to know which nodes are free; is it not a waste of communication
Must I handle a list (a file) of the nodes who are in status "working"
or "free".

Can someone give me informations about this aspect?

Thanks for your help

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