[Beowulf] cluster softwares supporting parallel CFD computing

Geoff Jacobs gdjacobs at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 09:12:08 PDT 2006

Jim Lux wrote:
> Yes, the software structure was badly designed for the interconnect. 
> HOWEVER, the whole point of computing resources is that I really
> shouldn't have to design the whole software system around the
> peculiarities of the hardware platform.

It sure would be nice if software could be partitioned in an efficient
manner, including considerations of interconnect topology, with a
compiler flag. Alas, this we must still do ourselves.

This is a strange sentiment to be displaying on this list, if I may say
so. Beowulfers sit further out on the frontier so they can derive more
performance from their hardware budgets. The consequence of this is
additional development time, application complexity, and sometimes
hardware specificity.

Geoffrey D. Jacobs

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