[Beowulf] GPFS on Linux (x86)

Craig Tierney ctierney at hypermall.net
Thu Sep 14 17:59:47 PDT 2006

Mark Hahn wrote:
>> If someone would be so kind as to help me find *real* data that
>> demonstrates higher SATA/IDE failure rates as compared to SCSI, I would
>> most appreciate it.
> I have only two very wimpy factoids to offer: my 70TB HP SFS
> disk array (36 SFS20 shelves with 11x 250G SATA each) has had just one 
> bad disk since it was installed (say, March).
> so that's one disk in 1.7Mhours, aggregated, actually a lower rate than 
> I would have expected...

I never see disks fail this way.  Go unplug the array and turn it back
on.  Tell me how many disk fail then. :-)


> that storage is attached to 768 compute nodes, each of which has 2x80G 
> SATA, which I believe have had no failures (6.6Mhours!).
> the hardware was all assembled and burned in quite a while
> before being delivered, so this should be the bottom of the bathtub.
> during some periods, machineroom temperatures have not been 
> exceptionally well-regulated :(
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