[Beowulf] GPFS on Linux (x86)

Eric W. Biederman ebiederm at xmission.com
Thu Sep 14 10:03:32 PDT 2006

"Buccaneer for Hire." <buccaneer at rocketmail.com> writes:

> --- laytonjb at charter.net wrote:
>> Since I'm the author of the article let me say - I
>> agree with you.  But let me also say that installing
>> each of the approriate file systems would be 
>> difficult and very time consuming. I would love to
> do
>> (file systems - if you are listening...) but I also 
>> need some hardware to do it. Any volunteers?
> I'll join the fray and help with the testing.  I have
> been doing research in this area for while. Some of
> the choices in the article will not work for me 'cause
> they are vendor specific solutions or require stock
> kernels which fail under high NFS load.  I still have
> to live with NFS.

What do yo mean by stock kernels?

In particular does NFS work for you in the latest stable
kernels released from kernel.org?

If the kernel.org kernel has problems and you have kernels
that work it should be fixable with a modest effort.


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