[Beowulf] NCSU and FORTRAN

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Fri Sep 8 06:43:46 PDT 2006

>>> I've had grad students and profs in the past get good results using
>>> Matlab, intel and the intel MKL.
>> it's worth making explicit again: grad students and profs
>> are not elegible for the "non-commercial" free Intel license.
> Again, what? The intel fortran free non-commercial unsupported CANNOT be
> used by graduation or in a scientific lab at an university? Why? Where
> is this in theirs license?

Intel says explicitly that you only qualify for the non-comm license
if you do not receive any form of financial compensation for using it.

thus a grad student normally gets a stipend, and so would NOT qualify 
as non-commercial.  if the grad student is only using it as part of a hobby, 
or as part of a charity project, they would qualify.  use in a classroom/lab
is also "commercial" to Intel because the university is being paid. 
Intel supports this interpretation by offering specific classroom licenses
and academic discounts.

Intel is just redefining "non-commercial", 
which the rest of the universe uses to mean "not a for-profit company".

the bottom line is that you should definitely try gcc >= 4.1,
especially for AMD chips.

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