[Beowulf] Create cluster : questions

Maxence Dunnewind maxenced at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 12:23:03 PDT 2006


i'm a user of the Ubuntu Linux OS, and also a packager for this OS.
As you may know , packaging can be take a lot of time, mainly during
building process.
I would create a public cluster for help packagers. All Ubuntu users can
accept we use their computers on the cluster. But the cluster system MUST
only use free ressource of this computers (and maybe user could set a

i want people only have to install some software (no kernel compilation or
other things).

I want know if beowulf could works in this case ????

I'm sorry for my (very) bad english, i'm french :)


http://www.sos-sts.info  <=== Entraide étudiante
http://www.ubuntu-fr.org  <=== La meilleure distribution Linux :)
Contact :
maxenced at gmail.com
maxenced at ubuntu.com
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