[Beowulf] NCSU and FORTRAN

Wallace Pitts wpitts at concentric.net
Sun Sep 3 19:08:15 PDT 2006


My wife is a biomathematics student at NCSU.  She is currently working 
on a Markov chain simulation using MATLAB.  The goal is to use some sort 
of search routine to find a set of transition matrix parameters that 
minimize the sum of squares.  The problem simulated say 10,000 molecules 
for say 400 states.  The search process is slow as mollassesb (we use 
routines in the optimization toolbox as well as the Genetic algorithm 
and direct search toolbox).

I used FORTRAN in a former life, and still have a compiler or 2.  In 
addition I have several optimization routines lifted  from "Optimization 

Any suggestions as to compilers (have g77).  I have looked at the 
propaganda on Intel's website, and they claim that their Visual FORTRAN 
will handle multi core processors.


Wallace Pitts.

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