[Beowulf] IBM p5 cluster discussion list (off-topic)

Craig Tierney ctierney at hypermall.net
Tue Oct 31 07:01:08 PST 2006

Chris Samuel wrote:
> On Tuesday 31 October 2006 10:54, Craig Tierney wrote:
>> Sorry to ask this question here, but is anyone familiar with
>> discussion lists around IBM power systems(p5 575), and in particular
>> their cluster solution?  I have been trying for several days
>> to find the right mailing-list or newsgroup without success.
> I don't know why you think this is off-topic, we run a cluster of IBM 
> OpenPOWER 720's (184 cores of Power 5) running SuSE SLES 9.
> We use IBM's CSM for this (as well as on our IBM Cluster 1350 of x335's).
> Web page for it is here:
> http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/clusters/software/csm.html
> There used to be a mailing list for CSM users, but they closed it down and 
> replaced it with a web based forum(!) which I've never looked at - it is here 
> if you are feeling masochistic:
> http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/forums/dw_forum.jsp?forum=907&cat=53
> At least I no longer get the hordes of broken Notes out-of-office responders 
> replying to me every time I post..
> cheers,
> Chris

Thanks for the pointers.  My customer recently purchased a pSeries p5 
575 cluster (8 node, 8 dual-core sockets) with GPFS, HPS, and AIX.  It 
is a very standard IBM configuration, and it doesn't really run yet. 
They have 2 of the eight nodes dedicated as GPFS IO servers (seems like 
a waste) and they never bothered to suggest my client gets a home 
filesystem setup (ugh).  I am trying to quickly re-engineer things to 
get the system usable.



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