[Beowulf] HDD reliability numbers

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Oct 18 21:36:18 PDT 2006

At 07:51 PM 10/18/2006, steve_heaton at iinet.net.au wrote:

>G'day all
>A month or so ago there was a fresh round of discussion on the relative merits
>of the different flavours of hard disk storge.
>As usual, we're all looking for some Real World (TM) numbers. I doubt this
>counts but I came across a prezo from Seagate and Microsoft (so it's obviously
>in PowerPoint format):
>Check out slide 21.
>Probably not worth taking toooo seriously given it's from a HDD 
>manufacturer who
>one might suspect is more interested in selling more expensive 
>product. Also not
>a lot of details on the actual testing.

Whip on over to Seagate's website, and I'll bet you'll find plenty of 
reliability data, with actual test results, Weibull distribution 
parameters, etc.  This is a big deal for buyers of drives (even in 
consumer applications.. they need to accurately predict how many 
warranty returns they'll get) so there are very good statistics and 
predictive numbers.

>Anyhoo... more fuel for the next round ;)
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