[Beowulf] re: Sun Project "blackbox"

Lombard, David N david.n.lombard at intel.com
Wed Oct 18 14:52:15 PDT 2006

From: David Mathog on Wednesday, October 18, 2006 12:22 PM
> Some of the concept photos are a scream.
> I especially like the one of two of these units,
> marked with Red Cross symbols, sitting in
> a dusty field in what appears to be a refugee camp while women
> walk by with what appear to be _WATER_CONTAINERS_ on their heads.
> Ah, lets see, people carry water containers when there is no
> running water available.  So the water cooling for these units is
> by what, a human chain from the nearest river?

When I worked at Grumman, lo those many years ago, a Cyber was cooled by
direct water intake from a well.  Worked OK up to the moment they got a
load of mud into the system...


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