[Beowulf] Tyan S2882

Gebhardt Thomas gebhardt at hrz.uni-marburg.de
Wed Oct 4 00:51:55 PDT 2006

Hi Serguei,

> Thomas Geibhardt wrote:
> : cpu family      : 15
> : model           : 33
> This is the same model as our 875s. It should support 8 ranks of DDR400
> (and not just DDR333). Your BIOS seems to be a little overcautious, in
> fact.

could you supply an url where I can get that type of information?

> We found that enabling L2 and memory scrub greatly increases the
> probability of slightly dodgy DIMMs failing. We use 655 and 81.9
> microseconds respectively for L2 and main memory scrub interval. We also
> enable memory scrub redirect (which seems to be necessary to avoid POST
> failures on cold boo

thank you very much for that hint. I already enabled DRAM scrubbing on two
nodes that crashed recently.

Cheers, Thomas

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