[Beowulf] non-proprietary IPMI card?

Tony Ladd ladd at che.ufl.edu
Tue Nov 28 18:48:31 PST 2006

The Broadcom 5721 NIC comes with IPMI capability. We use Dell PE850's which
are equipped with dual onboard Broadcom 5721J NICS. One of the NICS has IPMI
built in. You set up the IPMI in the BIOS-IP address, username, password-and
then you can access over the same CAT5 cable. The regular ethernet and the
IPMI have separate MAC addresses even though they share the same physical
hardware. We use DHCP to set up all the network interfaces including IPMI. I
have found it very useful for checking hardware error logs and rebooting
crashed boxes remotely. Its worth noting that Dell rack servers come with
IPMI, rails and cable management arms-all extras with Sun.

Tony Ladd
Chemical Engineering
University of Florida

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