[Beowulf] onboard Gb lan: any opinion, sugestion or impression?

Michael Will mwill at penguincomputing.com
Wed Nov 15 08:17:25 PST 2006

The other aspect is jumbo frame support which is important to people optimizing for nfs throughput. Not all broadcom onboard nics support that.


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On Tuesday 14 November 2006 08:26, Jones de Andrade wrote:

> We came to a question here, in the cluster we are planning: how usefull are
> the, now so common, onboard gigabit networks (even dual networks) that are
> shipped in the motherboards?

The only question I'd come across in the past was if you had Broadcom cards 
should you use the mainline tg3 driver or the Broadcom bcm57xx drivers (which 
were also GPL IIRC).

However, these days Broadcom have discontinued their bcm drivers and recommend 
people use the mainline tg3.

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