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Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Mon Nov 6 12:19:48 PST 2006

Joe Landman wrote:
> Richard Walsh wrote:
>> Joe Landman wrote:
>>> We are working on a machine with 2 Opteron 2218s.  For laughs, I ran 
>>> streams on it.  Here are 1,2,3,4 processor data.
>>> 1 processor:
>>> Copy:       5713.9944      0.0591      0.0560      0.0600
>>> Scale:      5713.9822      0.0587      0.0560      0.0600
>>> Add:        5454.2389      0.0911      0.0880      0.0920
>>> Triad:      5454.1576      0.0916      0.0880      0.0920
>>     Mmmm ... these actually seem low considering the bus bandwidth is 
>> supposed to be 10.67 GB/sec
> Heh.... don't shoot the measurer ... :)
    Never measurers are honored guests at my table ... ;-)
> I agree BTW that I expected this to be about 7++ GB/s per socket.  
> This is a pathscale built binary.  Will try with PGI and Intel as well.
     In the presentation I directed folks to there are socket F stream 
numbers for both 2x2 and 4x2 cases (4 and
     8 threads).  These are AMDs numbers, but they report:

     2x2  4 threads  Intel 5160  3.0 GHz             at   5865 for the 
triad (27% of  maximum)
     2x2  4 threads  Opteron 2220 SE 2.8 GHz  at 13296 for the triad (62 
% of maximum)
     4x2  8 threads  Opteron 2220 SE 2.8 GHz  at 18271 for the triad (42 
% of maximum)

     These numbers are both good and bad.  Good in the sense that socket 
F shows fairly
     good percentages of designed bandwidth.  Bad in the sense that one 
might expect--less
     and less of it seems usable as the core/thread count go up.   A 2x4 
system I would expect
     to do better than an 4x2 system on a percentage basis, but the 
channels are a bit slower
     on Barcelona (back at socket 940 6.4 GBs levels), so the absolute 
number may be the
     same or worse.



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