[Beowulf] split traffic to two interfaces for two "subnets"

Yaroslav Halchenko list-beowulf at onerussian.com
Wed May 10 15:13:24 PDT 2006

Hi All Beowulfers,

Please kick me if this is a basic networking question and I must have
known it from my kinder-ages

I got a new file-server (SATA on top of Areca card, 6TB, < 8,000$),
which seems to perform quite well under some preliminary tests and it is
capable to saturate the network very easily.

I have 25 nodes all on network, new file-server (lets call
it raider) has 2 gigabit ports. I would like to spread the I/O load so
that goes through eth1
the rest can go through eth0 (as before)

It seems to be quite easy: just set eth1 explicitly with /24 network 

Now on I need to nfs mount from the ip associated with eth1
(named raider1) and that seems it.

Did I miss something? may be raider would get confused since there would
be overlapping networks on different interfaces and will now
be an broadcast (I don't utilize that IP anyways for now but might in
the future)

Or may be there is a more elegant solution? (virtual server...)

Thank you in advance
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