[Beowulf] Static Compilation versus Dynamic Compilation

Andrew D. Fant fant at pobox.com
Thu Mar 23 13:25:58 PST 2006

John Hearns wrote:

> Eh? Install the libraries in /usr/local/xxxxx on the head node.
> Export this as an NFS share. Mount on all nodes, and put it into your
> IMHO, there is very little reason for installing APPLICATION level
> libraries on individual nodes.

uhm, aside from NFS being SLOW and not scaling well?

For a small cluster, yes, it will work, but I wouldn't want to go above 50 nodes
without something with a little more oomph, or at least a couple dedicated IO nodes.

And if I were depending on the PGI compilers and core math libraries like Atlas,
FFTW and ACML, I wouldn't think twice about adding their runtime libraries to my
core image for the compute nodes.

Just my CAD 0.026


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