[Beowulf] Pah!

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Thu Mar 23 04:31:45 PST 2006

On Thu, 23 Mar 2006, steve_heaton at iinet.net.au wrote:

>> but something intended to cream off the university world. Those universities
> waste money by the shitload,
> [Troll]
> Yeah, what have the Romans^H^H^H^H^H^HUniversities ever done for us? Look at the
> commercial world for how things *should* be done... companies like MCI Worldcomm
> or Enron.
> And as for the cost of chip design prices... pah! I mean, it's not like Jim Lux
> does this sorta thing for a living or anything...
> Chess computing is the True Path.
> No chickens were harnessed in the making of this email.
> [/Troll]

Flaming?  Trolling?  On >>THIS<< list?

Shocked, I'm simply shocked...:-)

Besides, these words are all so true!  Heck, my very own University
wastes money by the truckfull, building new buildings and other useless
stuff instead of doing sensible things like giving me one of those
truckfulls and buying me a huge cluster with another.  They're downright
stingy with their money, come to think of it.  Most inconsiderate.

And of course they ARE reasonably rich compared to many a school.  Why,
there are other Universities within a stone's throw of us that would
LOVE to waste money as rapidly as we do, only they are funded by the
state of North Carolina which has been a bit pinched recently, what with
George Bush in office and his tax cuts and increased spending emptying
the public coffers.  So their rate of waste has just simply plummeted --
they're currently wasting money trying to keep all kinds of their
employees -- y'know, teachers, janitors, bus drivers -- working, instead
of just liberating the bloodsucking parasites back into the workforce.

Sure, Universities are just incredibly rich. Oops, gotta go -- we're
having a beluga caviar party this morning that I just can't miss,


(Who lives these days in a nuclear bunker wearing a suit made of
certified myothelioma-free asbestos...:-)

> Sorry, couldn't resist. Yelling at the wind I know :/
> For a list that is otherwise so carefull to avoid flaming or trolling...
> Stevo
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