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Jim Lux James.P.Lux at
Wed Mar 22 07:15:51 PST 2006

At 06:27 AM 3/22/2006, Andrew Piskorski wrote:
>So far the double sided foam tape seems to work very well!  I've tried
>it on a SMALL scale - 3 motherboards.  They run memtest86+ just fine,
>but I have not yet tried network booting Linux on them with Warewulf
>and actually using them heavily in a cluster.
>I purchased a roll of "3M Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4004
>Off-White, 1 in x 18 yd", here:
>Note, I have NOT yet tried removing one of those taped down

Razor blade or long skinny palette knife (so you can reach under the mobo 
if you put tape in the middle) and solvent are your friends.

>It's still a bit time consuming to place the tape and mount the
>boards, but it is EASY.  Drilling holes for standoffs both takes
>longer and is much easier to get wrong.  The double-sided tape is
>certainly convenient, and I plan to try a thinner version for mounting
>power supplies, hard drives, etc. as well.

There's a huge number of these sorts of double sided adhesives of varying 
"stickyness" and permanence and heat resistance.  There's something called 
VHB which is used for things like mounting glass panes on tall buildings. 
Very thin, very permanent.

Calling up 3M and talking to an applications engineer is worth the time..

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