[Beowulf] 8-socket Opteron systems - what is your experience ?

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 21 18:29:37 PST 2006


First ask them whether it supports dual core chips, if it doesn't
then obviously you'll be better off with a quad dual core. It's a lot 
cheaper too.

Tyan has also something similar to this, might be a cheaper solution and 
works dual core.

Most go for that one instead of the iwill. I'm not sure why.

For your software, it depends upon how embarrassingly parallel it is,
don't expect big miracles from that connection between those 2 boards.

If all your cpu's communicate with all cpu's, then this could be a very ugly 
buy for you.

My Diep was one of the few who could cope with such latencies and runs fine 
at these

Even then, at 16 cores i have to recompile it so that communication
to the 8 memory controllers gets reduced, or you get traffic jams.

If your software is very embarrasingly parallel, consider buying a cluster 
from A64 dual cores with
gigabit connections. It's a lot cheaper!

Good luck,

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Subject: [Beowulf] 8-socket Opteron systems - what is your experience ?

> Hi all,
> Does anyone have anything good/bad to say about the 8-socket systems,
> specifically, the one from Iwill called H8501 :
> http://www.iwill.net/product_2.asp?p_id=90
> Supposedly, it'll be replaced by H8502 soon:
> http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=30327
> Are there any other systems like this not from Iwill?
> The main question is stability, does such a system run for a few
> months without a reboot?
> Thanks!
> Konstantin
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