[Beowulf] OT: someone seems to be submitting viruses/spam in my name to the list

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Sat Mar 18 04:40:31 PST 2006


   Someone seems to have written a script to submit viri/spam in my name 
to the list.

   First off, I am sorry that this is happening, I don't know who it is, 
or where it is coming from.  As we rarely use windows machines apart 
from running MS-Office* applications for reasons relating to the 
security and stability of windows machines (and how hard it is, e.g. how 
much time and effort and money you have to pay, to secure and stabilize 
them), it unheard of for us to mail tnef files about, or winmail.dat 
files about.

   Again, I am sorry if this is impacting anyone, though there is little 
we can do about it, as we are not the ones doing it.  If someone has 
received such a mail, please let me know, I would like very much to 
inspect the full headers.


* if MSFT made MS-Office for Linux as it does MacOSX (and this should 
not be hard, it is obviously not a technological issue preventing it 
from doing so), I wouldn't need a dual boot machine.  VMware is still 
too slow to be functional for MS-Office due to the sheer bulk of Office 
and the stress it places upon systems.  Of course this is about as 
likely as pigs sprouting wings and flying, but hope springs eternal that 
MSFT will not forever turn its back on a market of this size, and that 
business sense and reality will trump ego.

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