[Beowulf] Vector coprocessors

Daniel Pfenniger daniel.pfenniger at obs.unige.ch
Thu Mar 16 09:43:01 PST 2006

Craig Tierney wrote:
> Do you have pricing on the Cell blades or co-processor boards?  I doubt
> they will be $8k, but I doubt they will be $100-$500.

For the Cell my guess is that if it fits in a game station it cannot cost
well over $500.-

Last time I asked Clearspeed they would not disclose a price since the
cards were not ready for shipping.  Asking for a cost order of magnitude
(will it be in the 1'000, 10'000, or 100'000 range?) somewhat below 10k
appeared a reasonable estimate.
For my applications this is not competitive with commodity multicore
processors because I don't expect this card bringing more than a
factor 2-3 speedup (not much of the code would use long vectors


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