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Fri Mar 10 23:18:45 PST 2006

> In spite of it being in "unfit" individuals only,
> if you lose those individuals you lose any possibility of ever getting
> that gene right!

An artificial Founder's Effect.

 Vermont's sugar maple trees are migrating north towards Canada. In the new
territory, the ideal genotype for the region's soil and weather factors
may never evolve c/o natural selection, if during the transition phase
those trees containing the ideal genes for Canadan soil were not yet
generally dispersed over the entire matrix's meta population.

I have read that the  discovery of more protein iterations than does exist
genes may encourage humans to rethink the Central Dogma theory of one gene
one protein. Advantageous phenotype behavior may not always result as a
causual relationship with a genetic change as drastic as a new gene locus,
if spliseosomes have epigenetically caused the beneficial behavior.

I guess the idea is that nature is sometimes recursive and that the island
model can be used to help explain gene behavior?  If someone where studying
genes, I would think their model would be constrained to their specie of
study, and the behavior between paramecium and trees probably would have
radical chromosome differences.
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