[Beowulf] Tools for graphing (creating graphics of) execution sequences

Fred L Youhanaie fly at anydata.co.uk
Fri Mar 10 00:22:56 PST 2006

> if only I could find a tool that is scaled to CPU times ;)
> 	The Gantt chart was definately what I was thinking of...without even knowing 
> it. Thanks!

It may be worthwhile searching for "gantt" on sourceforge, but I don't 
think you will be able to get down to the cpu timescales.

If you like Perl, Project::Gantt might be helpful, however it does not 
go beyond hourly level.

You could also hand craft your diagram with gnuplot. A few years ago I 
had a short script that would produce a gantt chart of sge job 
durations, from a file with <jobid start end> records I produced a file 
with pairs of lines <start jobid> and <end jobid>, putting a blank line 
between each pair, then plotted it with the command "plot 'file' with 

For example, create the following data file preserving the two blank lines

1 1
4 1

4 2
5 2

4 3
6 3

then run gnuplot and give the following command
plot [][0:5] 'file' with lines


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