[Beowulf] 'dual' Quad solution from Tyan

Ricardo Reis rreis at aero.ist.utl.pt
Tue Mar 7 09:42:50 PST 2006

Hello Vincent

> Actually Ricardo,
> You might consider ordering the S2881 board instead of S2882 if expansion 
> slots is not the problem (it just has 2 pci-x
> and the build in video card is real ugly bad supported in windows 64 bits).
> It's the board i bought as it has a dual channel memory as you can see in the 
> manual.

I've checked the specs and the S2882 has dual memory. Extra PCI is no 
problem but that board is more expensive because it has PCI-Express which 
I don't need. I just need a console, I'm not doing any X stuff with it :)

Thanks for everyone's input, It's good to learn :)

  Ricardo Reis

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