[Beowulf] Re: Yet another type of strange rack rail

matt jones jamesjamiejones at aol.com
Fri Jun 30 01:20:02 PDT 2006

the industry standard as i have been told is not the mounting system 
that includes rails. they have been an addition to the rack system and 
as such dont yet have any standards other than fitting into a 19" rack.

the standard defines that the width on the rack is 19" apx. and that a U 
is 1.75" or apx 43-45 mm (i always assume 44). it also defines the 
placement of screws and their holes on the side flanges.

unfortunately, that is about all there is the the 'industry standard', 
the rest is basically up to the manufacturer.

Leif Nixon wrote:

 > "David Mathog" <mathog at caltech.edu> writes:
 > > So far I've mounted 5 different 2U cases from 4 manufacturers
 > > and no two had anything vaguely resembling the same mounting system.
 > I'm always amused when I read the phrase '19" industry standard rack
 > mount'.
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