[Beowulf] shared memory versus MPI and bootless boot

matt jones jamesjamiejones at aol.com
Thu Jun 29 02:20:06 PDT 2006

 > Mark Hahn wrote:
 > > > btw does that 'boot over network means i need a 16 node hub for 
100 mbit and connect all the machines besides the quadrics network also 
to 100 mbit?

 > >sure, you need some sort of ethernet.  doesn't have to be a 16pt 
switch(please don't say that you actually have a hub!)

 > Heh, heh, heh..
 > I have a box of Artisoft 2Mbps NICs out in the garage.
 > Or, maybe, some of those NE1000 coax adapters.  I have lots of old
 > coax, a bag full of connectors, a crimper, and I'm not afraid to use 
  > them.
 > Hey, it's only to boot.

assuming that you boot up to 4 at a time... for power distribution and 
that, how much does booting over the network require...

if your ram disk or local storage is 128MB, over a 2Mbps connect, i make 
it 8 mins, nearer 9 to load which is... urm slow.

again this for a 100Mbps hub you would get 10.24 seconds per node.

so assuming that you dont have any more than one node failing every 11 
seconds.. a 100Mbps hub would do adequately.
matt jones,

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