[Beowulf] Three notes from ISC 2006

Patrick Geoffray patrick at myri.com
Wed Jun 28 04:28:53 PDT 2006

Greg Lindahl wrote:
> Second, we have a new whitepaper about performance of the Intel
> Woodcrest CPU and InfiniPath interconnect on real applications, email
> me for a copy.
> Third, MHHHHH MHHHHHH MHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (That's the sound I make when I
> can't tell you something.)

Since when is Beowulf a place for posts like this one ? I have keep it 
quiet even when you where saying things driven by marketing rather than 
technical considerations (the packet per second nonsense), but there is 
a line to not cross.

Of course, every vendors will make announcements and have scoops for ISC 
in Germany, same as for Supercomputing, but you don't see all of them 
spamming the Beowulf list. Please, keep this list spam free.



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