[Beowulf] MPI mysql

Felipe Duran fduran at terra.com.br
Wed Jun 21 19:03:36 PDT 2006

Hello All.

	Could some make mysql run over mpich on a Beowulf cluster?

	I have a monitoring toll that uses mysql to store host status, but have
more than 2000 devices to monitor and the DB burn CPU and Memory. To take a
notion of the problem, I have a dual Xeon 3.2 with 4GB of memory going to 0
idle on top acess. Becouse this I need to put the DB to run over a cluster
gaining power and scalability.

I make the following configuration.

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql CC=/usr/mpi-beowulf/bin/mpicc
CCFLAGS=-I/usr/mpi-beowulf/include/ CXX=/usr/mpi-beowulf/bin/mpiCC
CXXFLAGS=-I/usr/mpi-beowulf/include/ F77=/usr/mpi-beowulf/bin/mpif77
F77FLAGS=-I/usr/mpi-beowulf/include/ F90=/usr/mpi-beowulf/bin/mpif90

When mpirun the database returns
060621 22:53:56  mysqld started
060621 22:53:56 [ERROR] /usr/local/mysql/libexec/mysqld: unknown option '-p'
060621 22:53:56  mysqld ended

The bpstat show the nodes
The beostatus show the procs and memory
The mpi_mandel runs OK, and beostatus show the sharing of cpu.

I dont know, but I think my beowulf version is old. On the disk show me to
be the version 2.0 but I couldnt find the way to show the right version im

Thanks in Advance.
Felipe Duran

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