[Beowulf] Acceptable rad limits for cluster rooms?

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Mon Jun 19 06:32:10 PDT 2006

> OK, now to the gory details.

isn't the "kind" of radiation also really important?  IANA-physicist,
but alphas are pretty inconsequential to metal-cased stuff, no?

> to get hit, and c) the data sits there a long time. Bear in mind, though, 
> that the processor itself is probably pretty susceptible to SEU, and 
> doesn't have ECC internally.  Nor is the data and address bus 
> protected.  The same applies to most of the peripheral chips.

hmm, both AMD and Intel claim parity protection on internal buses;
I don't know whether this is just a marketing checkoff...

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