[Beowulf] Slection from processor choices; Requesting Giudence

Krugger merc4krugger at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 08:24:55 PDT 2006

The number of cpu/cores per motherboard also has to do with the
remaining infrastructure.

Can you cool them? The more cpu per board means more heat in a smaller room.
Can you provide power? Is you electrical infrastructure able to
support all the nodes in full.
Can you afford it? You have to factor in the prices as the number of
cpu per board goes up the cost of these cpu goes also up. You should
consider if you don't get more performance for your money. Remember
that you will be saving on the number of extra components as density

I point you to:


However if you have time I would wait for the new intel processores
that will be out in one or two months. And you should also consider
rack-mounted blades vs the usual computer boxes.

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