[Beowulf] Slection from processor choices; Requesting Giudence

Geoff Jacobs gdjacobs at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 19:14:50 PDT 2006

laytonjb at charter.net wrote:
> Sure. This is for one specific CFD code. Let's assum that MPICH 1 is the basline.
> MPICH2 was twice as fast (half the run time). LAM was 30% faster than MPICH2.
> Scali MPI Connect was 20% faster than LAM. Altogether, Scali MPI Connect
> was twice as fast as MPICH1.
> Is this what you were looking for?
> Jeff

Yes, thanks. How well did LAM scale beyond 2^4 nodes compared to the others?

Geoffrey D. Jacobs

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