[Beowulf] Slection from processor choices; Requesting Giudence

amjad ali amjad11 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 01:02:12 PDT 2006


We are going to build a true Beowulf cluster for Numerical Simulation of
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models at our university. My question is
that what is the best choice for us out of the following choices about
processors for a given fixed/specific amount/budget:


   One processor at each of the compute nodes

   Two processors (on one mother board) at each of the compute nodes

   Two Processors (each one dual-core processor) (total 4 cores on the
   board) at each compute nodes.

   four processor (on one mother board) at each of the compute nodes.

 Initially, we are deciding to use Gigabit ehternet switch and 1GB of RAM at
each node.

Please guide me that how much parallel programming will differ for the above
four choices of processing nodes.

with best regards:
Amjad Ali.
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