[Beowulf] g03 and centos 3.6

Mike Davis jmdavis1 at vcu.edu
Wed Jun 14 21:46:45 PDT 2006


I may have talked to that friend. The real issue is that the earlier 
compiler worked then the later one didn't. The latest version does work 

I do not believe that anyone broke anything to do with the software. I 
have compiled G03 on a variety of platforms. This case is the first one 
where I had a problem.

Mike Davis

Chris Samuel wrote:

>On Wednesday 14 June 2006 11:10, Mark Hahn wrote:
>>when a vendor starts using the phrase "supported platform",
>>I always ask "tell me about the bugs in your code which violate
>>the ABI".  apps should list a required set of ABIs.
>I remember the pain one of the people I know in Melbourne went through trying 
>to get Gaussian to build on their cluster - turned out (they said) it 
>required a specific version of a particular vendors compiler to get it to 
>My thought at the time was that they must have tried *really* hard to get it 
>to the point where the code was broken enough to be that dependant on 
>compiler behaviour.. :-(

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