[Beowulf] MS HPC... Oh dear...

Geoff Jacobs gdjacobs at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 20:54:47 PDT 2006

Robert G. Brown wrote:

> Now, let's see -- RPM-based linux, supported by e.g. yum, does this very
> nicely.
APT-RPM works good too.

> ALL software is dependency aware and is typically built per
> distro per major revision thereof.  People who refuse to use rpm --force
> ever, and who only use rpm-based software, and who never install their
> own "private" copy of a shared library but instead only use the one that
> comes "with" the distro and built to the same standards and dependency
> rules find that installing package X almost never breaks package Y.
> Debian also plays nicely here -- dependency awareness, build
> consistency, strong resistance to multiple libraries satisfying any
> given shared dependency and dependency loops and so on.
> WinDoze?  Don't make me laugh.  Anybody in the room who hasn't broken at
> least one WinXX app by installing another (without the slightest warning
> or complaint from the OS or install process) please raise their hand.
> Hmmm, not a lot of hands out there....;-)
Windows is like Slackware ca 1996 for dependency management.

> So FUNCTIONALLY sure, DLLs and SO are the same thing.  Practically
> speaking, Wine and/or Cedega typically install applications (and all
> their application-specific DLLs) in their own independent fake trees
> just to avoid this very problem, because it is difficult enough to debug
> a WinXX emulator as it is without having to also debug dueling DLLs.
>     rgb
Repeat after me: Wine Is Not an Emulator

I'm not sure about Cedega, but WINE dll hell is just as bad as the real

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