[Beowulf] Reccomendations For Beowulf Cluster SMP Motherboards?

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Tue Jun 13 20:13:15 PDT 2006

> > I have had nightmare experiences in the past with "server-class" 
> > motherboards that barfed under SMP Linux.

SMP-specific barfage sounds very strange.  might this have been in 
the dark ages with dual-intel boards that had bad apic buses?  or 
athlon-mp's?  things are very different now.  I don't believe there's 
much of anything SMP-oriented that the board vendor needs to do...

> I've had very good luck with SuperMicro for a while now.  My preferred 

I tend to Tyan for supra-desktop machines, though expect most SuperMicro 
and MSI would also do OK.

> dual core nodes use the H8DAR-T motherboard.  The SATA chipset isn't 
> supported, but a 2 port 3ware fixes that right up (and is rock-solid to 

well, there is a sata_mv driver; I think I've seen positive reports:

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