[Beowulf] Rockport 441 Tech Design: CANPUTER

Bjorn Nilsson bnil89 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 1 06:59:40 PDT 2006

    670 BNIL                    ATD: Adv. Technology & Design              5/24/06                                    
   To whomever this may concern it is in the Beowulf project of the Rockport  High School Advanced Technology and Design Class, where a special team of computer  enthusiasts have encountered a steadfast blockade that prohibits the  intuitively gifted group from continuing the important experience of an  educational project. At the moment the team is in despair as to have only 4  boxes (computers/nodes) running on Linux Red Hat 8.0. Although these boxes are  a triumphant when compared to the unfortunate failure that our group has  encountered. The setup for IP addresses has been completed and the boxes  themselves are identical in all respects. The four boxes that I speak of are  DELL Precision 220s, which contain the required specifications for building a  super computer. Nine boxes is the correct amount of computers we had  established as our goal. Other misc. hardware that we have installed into our  project is 2 Belkin 4-ports, which enable us to efficiently switch from 
 computer to computer, 9 CAT 5 Ethernet cables, and one Bay Networks hub. We  have also had miniscule success in the area of communication; the command:  ifconfig has allowed us to generate a positive establishment in the speculation  of sanctioning “ping tests”.  What can  you assess from our current situation? Is there a series of required steps that  are in a complex and complicated form that need to be instituted within the  production of the super computer? Does Linux need to be propagated or properly  formatted, with individual elements to fit the infrastructure and purpose of  our cluster of computers? Please help us; it is imperative that we make a small  amount of success before the end of school (June 16).
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