[Beowulf] Compiling mpiJava on Amd64

Byrne, Michael J Michael.J.Byrne at uth.tmc.edu
Tue Jul 18 12:56:11 PDT 2006

The error is coming up when I run Make.  After the .class files are compiled and the .c files are compiled, it tries to make the shared object "libmpijava.so."

The default for mpiJava was creating the shared object using the -o flag.  I get an error that says:
relocation R_X86_64_32 can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC

When I edit the makefile to change the flag from -o to -fPIC and try Make again, no error is thrown, but the .so is not found. Here is the command and error:

/usr/bin/mpicc -shared -fPIC ../../lib/libmpijava.so \ -L/usr/lib64/MPICH/p4/gnu <list of .o's>
gcc: ../../lib/libmpijava.so: No such file or directory
It seems like it might be a problem in the mpicc script passing to the gcc, but there isn't anything in the mpicc script except building the args together.
Has anyone else had this problem, or is experienced with compiling .so's?

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