[Beowulf] CLuster - Mpich - tstmachines - Heeelp !!!!!!!!

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Jul 18 14:43:38 PDT 2006


Am 12.07.2006 um 00:36 schrieb Ernesto Gamez:

> hi, Reuti,,,    and all,,
> Thanks for help me,
> Well, I just in my nodes and master node wrote: "ssh-keygen -t rsa"  
> for get the public key and later I configured this, I open the file  
> rc.conf to write sshd_enable="YES".
> I can log to all nodes, only with: ssh <ip address node>, but I  
> have problems with the tstmachines, then I open the file,  
> inetd.conf to enable the lines:
> shell       stream      tcp      nowait      root       /usr/ 
> libexec/rshd          rshd -n -l -4
> login       stream      tcp      nowait      root       /usr/ 
> libexec/rlogind      rlogin
> later I open the files hosts and hosts.equiv to wrote the IP  
> address, for all my nodes,
> and I created the file .rhosts in home, and I wrote the same Ip's,  
> I change the line  the "permitrootlogin yes" in the file, /etc/ssh/ 
> sshd_config

unless you really want to run programs as root, I wouldn't recommend  
to allow root login at all with ssh. Better is to have to login as a  
user first, and then su to root.

If you use rsh, you also don't need any passwordless ssh login. After  
putting all the nodes in all /etc/hosts.equiv the rsh should allow  
already a passwordless login to the nodes. With setting  
P4_RSHCOMMAND, it will target compiled programs.

The tstmachines is just a script, where the to be used rsh-command is  
mentioned in the beginning of the script. Maybe you can change it  
there directly.

> <snip>
> works, it's time to run a program on the cluster.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> --------------------------
> I'm not compiled nothing this,
> "export P4_RSHCOMMAND=rsh"
> Now, I'm reading about this,...
> /usr/local/mpich-1.2.7/bin
> # export P4_RSHCOMMAND rsh
> export:command not found
> Itry this line
> # setenv P4_RSHCOMMAND rsh
> and is ok, but I have the same problems with the tstmachines...

Well, yes - different shell. - Reuti

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